What is the marketing model that is beneficial to the clothing brand management

in the road of entrepreneurship, clothing has a down position, but still a few happy tears, why we must have many kinds, from the analysis of marketing to simple. In the end is conducive to the management of clothing brand marketing model?

1, celebrity. Selection of merchandise propaganda is a kind of difficult marketing mode of the use of celebrity, they must through accurate preparation and planning, one of the most important link in the planning is the firm selected celebrity must match the commodity temperament, celebrity followers as far as possible with the target consumer goods precision docking. The use of celebrity effect of clothing brand marketing model, especially suitable for relatively mature brand self breakthrough.

2, network entertainment marketing. The biggest characteristic of the clothing brand marketing in the network era is the strong interaction and fast communication speed. The most common micro-blog marketing model is forwarded sweepstakes, manufacturers to seize the consumer love "cheap, free gifts," psychology, issued a statement on the product picture, if micro-blog and forwarding @ a few friends can participate in the lottery. The characteristics of the network brand marketing of clothing is to save, shortage of funds to invest huge sums of entertainment marketing brand, do not try to use the power of the network, open up a new way of marketing.

4, TV ads. Yang Shitou believes that the placement of the TV drama has three levels: one is to let the protagonist wear brand clothing, clothing with logo exit, this is the most common mode of implantation; two is the product and the combination of characters; the three is the character and plot with the characters themselves engaged in fashion magazines, the working environment is filled with a lot of clothing the advertising environment, any brand of clothing is behoove exit. The first level is the most current form of China, but also the most criticized model. China clothing brand, especially in the growth of the accumulation of brand awareness, do not follow this placement mode, which helps in the target consumer groups, the damage to the favorability and awareness, the first step of brand marketing entertainment beautiful.


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