2015 is the year of the rise of micro business and local mall O2O

said to do e-commerce, we first thought is Taobao shop, the thought of doing mall site, we think of the mall is also done for the country. We always think that the country will, are sold to more than a city or a lot of money for a town people earn. But is this really the case?

for some time, Shao Lianhu has been selling his toys. I want to know, in the online sellers, only Taobao is the best way. So, I paid 1000 yuan of consumer protection, but also opened a shop. I was disappointed that I couldn’t sell a toy for weeks.


since no one to buy, then I will in a hundred local forum post propaganda toys, also in the net, the 58 city, have released a Toy Fair Online information. Every day there are so few people to consult me to buy toys, which know that one is not local, have to buy ninety-nine percent of Taobao have to give up.

customers are also said to me, you have to go to Yantai Xuzhou to sell toys? Yes, I am a toy seller, even went to Yantai provincial sell toys. In fact, the customer is not hate foreigners for local sellers, he may know that Taobao now, the country can buy things. Can be, the field is always out of the field, only the local thing is what they want most.

and customers want toys basketball, I said the price of 20 yuan, he is in the field, to 15 yuan postage, the customer said, God, buy a toy is only 20 yuan, postage is 15 yuan, really can not accept. In fact, I also want to tell him, Taobao is selling 30 yuan shipping, but they can not accept that even with toys as expensive postage.

can be said, through the promotion of this period of time, Shao Lianhu blog found 100 people to consult me to buy toys, only one person will buy, buy that is drunk to talk, wake up also forgot to buy my toys. So why are we reluctant to buy the toys sold by outsiders? I would like to give you an analysis of it:

1, will not buy Taobao

although Taobao is now very fire, but there are still a lot of people do not online shopping, no online banking. So, even if they don’t want to buy anything, it’s one of the biggest reasons why they don’t buy the product.

2, the product is cheap, the postage is too expensive

I in other places to sell forum things are not so very cheap postage. However, the courier now has ten yuan in general, far near the point of about twenty. So, do you think a user to eat an apple, have to spend ten yuan to buy the postage? Even if there is, it’s a local idiot, even without apple, but also do not limit the postage postage, so these people’s desire to buy.

3, foreign goods need to wait too long

if it’s a local toy store, they just need to get it, and they’ll soon

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