On the present situation and development of the third party payment platform

[Abstract] this paper introduces the concept of the third party payment, the development and application of the third party payment in many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, a comprehensive exposition of the development of the third party payment at home and abroad.

[keyword] third party payment platform online payment

first, third party payment concept

third party payment platform refers to the transaction support platform which has been signed by domestic and foreign banks, and has a certain strength and credibility of the protection of the third party independent agencies. In fact, it is the buyers and sellers in the transaction process middleware, can also be said to be "technology plug-in": through the third party payment platform transaction, the buyer to purchase goods, provide third party platform account for payment by the other party, notify the seller the goods arrive for delivery; buyer inspection items, you can notify the payment to the seller. Compared with the traditional bank payment, the emergence of the third party payment platform, in theory, completely put an end to the fraud in electronic transactions.

third party payment platform is Ma Yun in 2005 in Davos Switzerland at the world economic forum first proposed, he believes that e-commerce, first of all should be the security of electronic commerce, a secure e-commerce environment, there is no real integrity and trust for the. To solve the security problem, we must start with the transaction, to solve the problem of payment. The traditional way of bank payment only has the function of transferring funds, so it can not restrict and supervise the parties. Transfer transaction only through the designated bank interface directly funds, the entire transaction process, whether it is the quality of the goods, transaction integrity, return requirements and so on are unable to get a reliable guarantee, fraud is also widespread. The emergence of third party payment platform can solve the above problems.

third party payment platform features the following aspects: (1) the third party payment platform is an independent agency to provide protection for network transactions. For example, domestic Alipay, it is equivalent to an independent financial institution, when buyers purchase goods, money is not directly to the seller’s bank account but first hit Alipay bank account, when the buyer confirm receipt of goods and no problem you will notice Alipay put money into the seller’s account. Alipay in the transaction process to guarantee the smooth progress of the transaction. (2) the third party payment platform not only has the function of capital transfer, but also can restrain and supervise the two parties. For example, Alipay can not only put the money transferred to the seller and the buyer account if the transaction disputes, such as the seller from the buyer orders after delivery or after the buyer receives the goods for reasons to refuse payment, Alipay will investigate the transaction, and the violating party for processing, such as fines etc.. Supervision and restraint of both parties. (3) the payment method of the third party payment platform is diverse and flexible, users can use the network payment, telephone payment, SMS payment and other ways to pay. For example: Longmen >

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