Webmaster website promotion eight Secret Archives

website promotion eight secret is: dislocation competition, only the first. No matter what kind of website promotion means is from the eight words, but also must be closely around the eight words.

first, how to do first?

site accurate positioning, you can make your site as the first choice in the eyes of users. Become the user’s eyes second of the site, it is tantamount to more users to the competitors, because for the user to choose a website, just a web site difference. For a region, the localization of the site is often the most advantageous. The advantages of industry segmentation and professional knowledge in the promotion of the operation of the site is still there, many people in China’s network, a very small business is very impressive. Familiar with the region and the industry, as long as the location of accurate intentions, your site is the first in the eyes of users.

website operation promotion, whether large or small, for the first category, brand positioning, differentiated competition, there will be a lot of opportunities, seize the opportunity of straw will become a towering tree. A similar project, copy, innovation and localization operation promotion mode difference website brand positioning is the real brand positioning into the eyes of the first user, that is, innovation and localization of the successful replication.

secondly, SEO is not the only technology to serve the practical

technology is not the first, the site is not to show off technology, more is to provide users with more practical information and functionality. After the successful build web technology platform, both in your eyes do not perfect, to rely on content management and promotion to increase traffic, beautiful and gorgeous art page just to do it for yourself, focus on human resources and improve the content of website promotion is the most important.

in addition, do not blindly believe that the technology of SEO, SEO and search engine ranking is website promotion, search engine optimization is usually only some individual behavior rather than corporate behavior, search engine optimization and not a mature service products, speculation people expect to pay more than the income, and often with subjective to be quite different. Concerned about the search engine included, respect for the rules of the search engine game, with a good search engine, you will save more time and effort to invest in the operation of the site.

third, the original content of the site as much as possible

website content construction must pay attention to the content of the original, not blind to the acquisition of other site data, the general quality of the original content will also give users leave more real impression, reprint information as much as possible with respect to the work of author. Crazy collection technology can only allow users to search the site and the search engine, pseudo original information can only make your site becomes a cheat search engine traffic and click on the spam station. A webmaster or site operators can use the acquisition technology to build ten or even dozens of garbage stations, but it is difficult to retain the long-term development of the garbage station.

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