Non enterprise website construction process

First, the site planning site is what kind of user groups? What are the roles of various user groups? What do we need to meet the needs of various user groups? What can we do to meet the needs of the user base? Can we meet the needs of the user base, even beyond their expectations? What form do we need to meet the needs of the user base? Is it complicated? To the user how much burden? How easy to operate? 1, website (or channel) the aim and purpose; 2, the website (or channel) to determine the specific program, specific to the final column; 3, function parameters, function, style, showing some of the characteristics of the special part (including function, page, or even process parameters); two, design a variety of user roles to complete their tasks through what means? What are the different user roles to meet their needs? Are there any similar functional forms in the general industry? What is the form of its product function? What are the specific parameters (all)? What parameters do we need? 1,   to determine the function of the form; 2,   function involves the detailed parameters (first do addition, subtraction); the three, the task flow design of various roles how to perform tasks? What tasks can be performed? What is the result of performing the task? What are the different tasks for different results? 1,   the role of various tasks; 2,   the various functions of the task process; 3,   each task is in the foreground, or processing, apart in the background; 4,   all tasks execute small tasks in the middle, or to other tasks; 5   each task process involves what pages; * Note: the task of process design is actually a sub process, the specific affairs website decomposition, which part do what! Four, interface style design interface is the main tone? What kind of feeling do you want to give? First sketch, and then detailed design! Its design not only to meet the user’s sense of view, but also to meet the user’s operability and ease of use, as well as from the technical support of such forms of expression, the final design into a complete page! 1,   determine the main tone, at least two colors over four values; 2 and   the head and tail design, design of the main frame; 3,   homepage design; 4,   the design of other pages; five, pages               designed the web page page production in strict accordance with the specification for static or dynamic pages, and comply with the code structure specification. 1, static page production 2, dynamic page production of six, the function of the analysis of the user’s role, task flow, and the function of the parameters, the function of the form of the idea of the actual product, and accord with the code and script 5

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