Baidu Li Mingyuan’s death from the hard landing

at the end of the week has almost become a law breaking news broke. Following the November 4th morning Xu Mouping and WeChat a few degrees of tear force caused a huge controversy, the evening of 4 and broke Baidu’s youngest vice president Li Mingyuan suspected to resign because of economic problems, completely let public opinion raged.


the current public controversy, Li Mingyuan’s problem is nothing more than the following: first, whether there is corruption, and whether it will be transferred to the judicial organ and the related report; second, Li Mingyuan, who is, what is behind the twists and turns; third, Li Ming, known as the "Baidu far wunderkind Prince" say, go to today this step is really fantastic, all this is what occurred?


look at the first point: Li Mingyuan’s "corruption" and Robin Li’s "heart"

from Baidu internal letter, Li Mingyuan body dyed three sins:

1) Li Mingyuan involved in the company’s acquisition of a project, and the person in charge of the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges;

2) within the scope of its business, the person in charge of a game partner has a large private economy;

3) Li Mingyuan’s personal investment in shares of the external company and Baidu has a business relationship, not prepared by the company system.

of course, all of these issues are currently relatively vague, specific what projects, the amount of money is how much, how the economic exchanges, these details are not disclosed further. Baidu internal letter at first glance, the general people’s thinking habit will think Li Mingyuan is certainly a lot of corruption, otherwise why resign? This is why 4 evening news broke, unidentified people eat melons that Li Mingyuan "one-sided corruption" in fact, circle a sadly sigh the sound that many voices questioned Baidu’s internal letter: Li Mingyuan if serious economic problems, whether it should be transferred to the judicial organ, Baidu unilaterally spared this thing can be done


Li Mingyuan himself may also feel the chill of public opinion everywhere, today (5) morning could not help but begin to self denial, let the whole situation into a stalemate in the subtle. Li Mingyuan responded to the current spread of the circle of friends, "I don’t have any corruption, you can just spray, but to use your head, don’t underestimate the all-match to punish corruption determination, no matter who is involved in corruption, Baidu must be expelled from the police, would not be tolerated. I do not have any special, no one exception, this is the system and the law, not who likes." The wording is quite intense.


this thing to this interesting, after all, whether it is Baidu or Li Mingyuan’s statement, some talk ambiguously loudspeaker is evade the crucial point, meaning, which further induce a >

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