Bad boy Lai Linfeng from the forum to the 115 SkyDrive ylmf


115 Technology Co., Ltd. chairman and CEO Lai Linfeng (micro-blog): in the field of cloud storage, who are starting from scratch."

wearing a T-shirt and jeans, a tall figure, hanging plates, and he will talk to you intently staring at you, as if you were a well-designed program; only the tattoo on his arm before he is distinguished from an ordinary white-collar IT, that is a piece of maple in the Dragon Tiger Teng that is his own design pattern, a metaphor for his vision.

this is the chairman and CEO Lai Linfeng of Guangdong 115 Technology Co., Ltd., a young man of the age of 29. From the start of his 7 years in the creation of two hundred million yuan valuation of Internet companies, 115 of which SkyDrive has the largest group of users, the number of users has reached 35 million at the end of last year, and obtained 100 million yuan investment risk.

in the wave of the rise of the Internet, in every corner of the world, there is no lack of passion, dream, ability, imagination, perseverance, patience entrepreneurs, or ambition. But why did the young man who dropped out of high school get so much success in a short time?

in his office, we see a room attached to the fight, and his big desk, in addition to an apple computer, there is nothing left on the shelf; the wall only put a black car model, he believes that his knowledge comes from the Internet, and do not need to take the book to make arrangements.

his friends and employees evaluate him at work, "like a programmed robot", "a very rational guy."". He has more than a dozen cars, including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, but he often work overtime until early in the morning, sleeping in the company’s single dorm, second days more than 7 jobs. He always likes to use logic to reason about anything, try to grasp the essence of the core. In the course of the interview, he often uses "you use logic to reason" as the beginning of a description.

but his love and share his ideas, but also willing to share wealth results with employees. 115 Dongguan headquarters building as a The Inn Boutique and surrounding a lush garden restaurant, there is a staff canteen, a video room, drums, snooker room, table tennis, video games, the roof of the golf course, beautifully decorated rooms, and even Jiyang management staff set up a special image design studio and provide hairdressing services for employees at leisure.

Lai Linfeng is not a traditional "good child", "seems to be his life portrait buanpailichupai". He bluntly told the Chinese version of Forbes, he did not go to college, high school was expelled for fighting. He did not shy away from their careers: 2005 started to assemble a computer store, opened earlier "ylmf" forum became the owners, because the modified Microsoft operating system name. He asked, in

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