Non SEO topics on zblog

Since 2005,

contact zblog program, two years ago, the number of zblog in Admin5 suddenly showed up, fortunately many enthusiasts.

stroll Admin5 for a long time, has been unable to understand what is SEO, and now do not understand.

if it is included Baidu is SEO, I think as long as the original thing, not included in the possibility of Baidu is very small.


get a few key words in Baidu front is SEO, so I have hundreds of keywords in Baidu ranked in the top five, note that the first five intermediate may also include Post Bar, know, space and bidding ", this is what I? If this is called SEO, pure.

these days in the online search "zblog" and "SEO" these two keywords, then an article was turned rotten.

original works, not SEO and how? The article is to give the reader to see, rather than to search to see, with zblog to play SEO should be more focused on the user experience.

I also noticed that a lot of SEOER using a version of zblog is 1.7, maybe you don’t know, he has another version of zblog plus version, plus version is my fanatical admirers, I think so far is the best version of zblog1.5plus, I will have time to write a "zblog1.5plus — the last noble".

zblog on the skin, I see a lot of SEO to use the zblog version is the default skin, use the zblog as a matter of fact, the skin is the most easy to make, see a good warrior skin, can instantly down.

on the tags and related articles, I think it can be placed in the same position with the beginning of the article (that is, a lot of places to put GG).

is the default on submit comments, need to submit verification code, user name, address, I think to want to make an unnecessary move, the message reader setting the threshold too much, the three were completely anonymous.

on the key words of hyperlink (automatic link), plus provides a very good plug-in, very well through the chain of the articles of association, the spider crawling, can drive the old article, the JS version of the keyword plug-in does not possess this function.

on the reference, a good function unfortunately hijacked by spam, can be removed.

tags for comments and references can also be thrown away unless you care about the data.

RSS on the number of subscriptions, I do not know the number of subscriptions N many bloggers are so interested in RSS, actually expect RSS visiting probability is not large, especially well-known blog, visit rate is not higher than 1%, expect through this.

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