ChinaZ and PHPWind signed a strategic cooperation to build the road to the webmaster

  May 22, 2007, China Station ( and the domestic community solutions provider PHPWind ( signed a strategic cooperation agreement to reach a strategic partnership. The two sides will be based on their respective advantages and resources, establish deep resource exchange, joint promotion and complementary resources, to expand all-round cooperation, to provide more comprehensive information, download, construction, marketing and other services to more webmaster.


PHPWind was founded 4 years ago, has been focused on the development of community software and is committed to providing the best solution for the majority of community service. The core product PW Forums is the first to support the open source PHP forum, has many original core technology, has become one of the most widely used community forum software, users direct audience of more than 50 million people. Now has its own LxBlog blog system, VeryCMS content management system and UU1001 free website and hosting platform.

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