From the electricity supplier community buzz district capital chain collapse

today net community O2O famous APP Ding Dong District due to funding strand breaks, collapse. According to former employees who worked in Beijing, Ding Dong District told the media broke the news that Beijing has closed, the Ding Dong District of Shanghai region has 70% layoffs, remaining more than 40 people, and that the Ding Dong District billion yuan financing has been spent, the board decided not to invest.



million European network first time to contact the relevant person said the Ding Dong District, Ding Dong District due to business focus has been adjusted, will focus on service and user experience on the line. The company considers Shanghai market mature, the product precipitated in real money in. The Ding Dong District has small shareholders that buzz from the market in Beijing is the fact that Shanghai has about 200 people, going to the expansion foundation of the new mode of compaction, otherwise keep too many people unknown nonsense, the Ding Dong District book has tens of millions of cash.

for the Ding Dong District insiders say, just proved to get financing Ding Dong District the author wrote in the June 6th ", more attention should be paid to O2O online products" to the point, the author believed that the community O2O, online product is based on user experience is the core of the line. If there is no order of the user as a basis, no matter how mature, cattle X products are not sustainable. If the online product base can not support the user experience under the line needs, then it is impossible to produce the magnitude of user groups. The Ding Dong district should first get financing further improvement products, precipitation users, rather than in the immature products, put a lot of money to burn marketing.

early practice ruined the Ding Dong District

nouveau riche

line at the beginning of the Ding Dong District under the banner of "Living Essential artifact", "social" and "life link" and "O2O" concept for the rapid expansion of the market. After the beginning of the year to get 100 million yuan of financing, fast in Beijing, Shanghai subway advertising, as well as to push the way to pull the user on the line. When the large sums of money for the promotion, due to various problems of the Ding Dong District of products and company strategy, and failed to retain users, a typical type of nouveau riche heavy assets of the company’s approach is more to its performance. At the beginning of this year, the community O2O game player is mainly focused on the entrepreneurial company, and half a year later, with the addition of WeChat, Alipay and other Internet giants, real estate, property exploration of community O2O transformation, both in the market continue to erode the business community, the community O2O startup pressure, including the Ding Dong District doubled. Ding Dong community O2O early opportunity will disappear, but with its strategic transformation, everything is still unknown.

Ding Dong District low-key

strategic transformation

according to this understanding, in addition to the Ding Dong District withdraw from the Beijing market, ask the district had to make a transition night delicacy takeaway brand fight bean supper, and some community O2O project at a standstill. According to the European network news, the Ding Dong District has established 3>

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