Hackers in the network about running full of wealth intrigue and violence

this is a world of countless lines. It is filled with stories of wealth, intrigue and violence.

here, some companies may take hundreds of millions of Internet users, fight with the opponent. Others rely on hackers and lies to make money.

420 million Internet users, hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth, let the disorderly competition network company like moonset, again and again.

"as long as I want to, I can put your nude photos posted online, and then in your pain, waiting for the money into my pocket." A hacker said, afraid of what? I paid only a computer.

in any industry, no bottom line behavior will lead to public anger, but here, the moment when people’s dignity, privacy and wealth into the pockets of strangers, but it is difficult to get a camera’s attention.

implementation of nearly 20 years of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law on the constraint of the vicious competition is weak and feeble, many companies do not want to rely on legal rights, and the choice of" evil for evil "; when many QQ users were forced off the line after the Tencent," anti-monopoly law "in the side of silence.

in recent years, regulators continue to strengthen the management, but there are legal experts believe that the Internet business is still a jungle law to resolve disputes. Perhaps we can not show the whole picture of the Internet world, but we are trying to show you some of the unknown debris.

for money, Xiao Jun will lie, do not mind the public angry man, is a leader of the navy.

for wealth, Tian Peng will invade many strangers computer, 21 years old, he is a hacker.


and Yakui Tian police’s story is an anecdote of the Internet, five years ago, who sent him to jail for 4 million 200 thousand.

Wang Fengchang after experiencing a variety of setbacks, the 70 biggest hope is that after the webmaster website, through the right to let the Internet industry something normal.

Zhang Hao insisted on the early winter morning, put a charge treasure on the seat, because the car open to his girlfriend. The netizen does not want any trouble, just want to live a quiet life.

in the Internet world they have experienced a wealth, conspiracy and prison story.

rumors confuse


rumors, discredit opponents, common means to become the Internet business competition, network pr and water constitute the upstream and downstream, together for the customer service

the sky is a bit dark, the computer six QQ window alternately flashing.

an office building in the western capital, Xiao Jun pointed to the screen, said, do not see these QQ at least 30 thousand people behind. If you need and are willing to pay. They will all work for you."

"I don’t care whether it’s right or wrong, as long as you have money, what do you want me to do"

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