llegal content posts can not log on to the fence network has been restored

February 2nd afternoon, the fence held a news conference that individual users in the fence forum posted a post with illegal information, resulting in the site for 4 consecutive days can not log on. Shanghai fence Mdt InfoTech Ltd President Zhang Guoping said it would increase investment in human and material resources to strengthen the supervision of the site.

According to Zhang Guoping

, the site has been suspended for second days of domain name resolution, after an investigation found recently in the fence net forum "veteran chat" section, there have been three or four times with illegal content of the post, and most of them are in the morning, purpose is to take advantage of the community mental fatigue escape regulatory network administrator.

these posts and the plate is clearly inconsistent with the theme, but also contrary to the fence has always been the pursuit of the creation of professional services for the family life of professional e-commerce site positioning.

at present, the relevant posts, messages have been deleted, publisher name, ID has been included in the blacklist website and reported to the public security organs for investigation." Zhang Guoping said that the fence in January 30th after 18 points through the relevant authorities and the approval of the approval of the restoration of normal.

"although the fence nets have 500 thousand posts a day, but the occurrence of such events is really not." Zhang Guoping said it would strengthen the supervision of post information, adding 10 people to join the community management, online community forums in the message, post for 24 hours real-time monitoring.

when asked whether the fence will be due to the incident and the domain name moved abroad, Zhang Guoping made it clear that there is no intention. "First of all, we have proven that it is not a pornographic website, so there is no need for this; secondly, we are Chinese enterprises, so we will follow the laws of china."

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