TV box was broadcasting ban is another way or to embrace the win win

Abstract: Misfortune may be an actual blessing. If the giants of the industry are able to set up the company’s television or radio or license side of the company, then the radio and television’s "magic spell" on the TV box into a market environment to effectively clean up. Not only to purify the industry atmosphere, but also to promote the rapid development of this industry.


recently, many users expressed a lot of live in the Tmall software box can not be used, even if the two installation manual restart is also of no avail. In this regard, Tmall’s response is to comply with the provisions of the State Administration of radio and the relevant departments, in November 15th before the upgrade of the system, and after the upgrade effect is blocked 81 illegal third party application broadcasting announced.

in fact, not only is Tmall’s box, radio and television ban against all Internet TV box. But since the listing of the TV box on repeated rectification, the last time was in July this year, the campaign is also known as the history of the most stringent regulation, including overseas drama, micro film must be offline during the week, different versions of EPG (EPG) must be reported to radio and television, and stop operators to conduct covert live a series of regulations. Although the regulation has its own reason, but on the other hand, which makes the development of the brutal manner in the TV box industry has been greatly affected. So, what was in the industry "inhibition" why? What are the TV makers in the future development of


a, radio and television box repeatedly apply magic, or because of the dispute between the content and the entrance

the most stringent regulation began in mid June this year. June 23rd, SARFT required to shut down the Internet video terminals around the illegal video download channels. At that time, Tmall and Iqiyi, has been carrying box for Youku and other video website content of suspected violations by SARFT criticized. July 4th, in the third China Internet Conference, radio and television network audio-visual program management Secretary Luo Jianhui said, will no longer be issued Internet TV integrated business license. This represents the further control of the broadcast content broadcast control to control. In July 11th 15, SARFT interviewed central and three local radio and TV Bureau relevant responsible person, the cooperation is not standardized, EPG management control, terminal products released unaudited issues such as the criticism.


broadcasting regulation is becoming increasingly strict, the parties are affected by

this series of "magic", for all parties have a great impact.

on a number of TV box manufacturers, this step by step. Let them obviously unable to resist sustain the blows. The strict provisions of the terminal video software so that the contents of the TV box lost content to attract users of the weapon, the close connection between the TV box and the internet. Lost a lot of video content of the TV box may encounter a lot of loss of users. The strict provisions of the audit also means that the license business needs to invest a lot of money and energy in the content audit

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