Three points for Wang Tong to plan a business website

      whether your business website is the following: input, a lot of money, lots of manpower and energy, one or two years down the operation and profit is still a loss, not knowing what to do. If so, that is you think before doing so in the following three aspects of

      first: user

      1. What is your target audience?

      this is the location of the site, the most important issue to be considered, must be accurate, so that the site will have a congenital advantage!

      2, what benefits do you offer to your customers?

      this is the most important issue to consider when you are planning a web site. Remember, the benefits don’t need much, but make sure the user likes it.

      3, what do you feel about the user?

      this is the most important issue to consider when building a web site. What kind of website to express in order to make your users feel convenient.

      performance can not because of what the concept or with the popular concept, we must stand to the user’s point of view to consider, it is best to innovate.

      second: customer

      1, what products and services do you offer to your customers?

      don’t just be a hazy idea, must be specific, specifically what products and what services.

      2, what customers are willing to pay to buy your products and services?

      products and services, and some auxiliary stick customers, some can help you make money directly? What are the products and services that can help you make money? Must be clear! Must be specific!

      3, why do customers want to buy these products and services from you?

      these products and services must be purchased by the customer, rather than what you assume, in this regard, we must conduct in-depth investigation and understanding of the customer, and can not go out of their own fantasy. In other words, these products and services must be able to help customers a strong demand! < >

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