Rectify the storm hit the site navigation multiple impact caused by the early winter

December 25th news, with the deepening of the Ministry of industry website audit action and domain name rectification storm, the Chinese Internet butterfly effect is highlighted. IDC room to implement the white list system and the provisions of the individual website is closed, the Chinese grassroots Internet ecosystem is facing the river is a fatal shuffle, site navigation station is also facing the advent of winter ahead.

"Butterfly Effect": rectify storm cut promotion channels

a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could lead to a tornado in Texas a month later.

rectification measures for a month so that individual owners feel the famous "Butterfly Effect" theory. If you see a large number of personal sites as the bottom of the Internet Ecosystem, and some of the site bundled with personal web site is second. Site navigation station is such a second site.

Sohu IT was informed that a number of site navigation station traffic continued to decline in recent trends. This effect was more pronounced after the storm began.

, one of the reasons is very simple, rectify the storm cut off the site navigation station promotion channels." A site navigation station told Sohu IT.

site navigation station to get the main mode of income is provided by the third party website to provide the recommended way to get access to their own traffic, you need to rely on the promotion channels to carry out.

according to its introduction, site navigation station traffic acquisition needs to be obtained through continuous promotion, and a large number of personal sites is one of the channels to get traffic.

for a long time, promotion mode of Web site navigation has been carefully conceal mentioning.

"there are a lot of knowledge, but do not work in just ways. To sum up, the site can be used to promote the navigation station ‘very yellow very violent’ to describe." One has left the station staff told Sohu IT.

generally speaking, the navigation site traffic is mainly obtained by tying the client, bundled game downloads to get." Informed sources, the use of Trojans, viruses to promote and forced to change the user’s home page is not a minority."

is located in a site navigation station ten station more bluntly, "site navigation is 90% of the rape in the internet. This situation has not changed much."

industry insiders, the use of Trojans, viruses and other forced to change the user’s home channel select some personal sites to carry out. "This kind of website belongs to the garbage station that does not need the user’s reputation, so they can ignore the user experience to change the user’s home page."

in addition, even if the use of the user and remind the user to choose to set up the software and client bundled mode, will also choose to promote personal website.

website rectification storm began to shut down a lot of personal sites, relying on third parties to promote the site’s Web site navigation station is also reduced accordingly

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