Jing Linbo 12th Five Year macroeconomic environment network

              Admin5 station network December 18th news   "the three anniversary of the network capacity of the world" 2010 Shanghai summit and the Shanghai Network Alliance Annual Meeting held in Shanghai Putuo District library today, the conference hosted by Shanghai network alliance, 1000 network operators from all over the country participated in the the conference, Admin5 webmaster network as support media on the conference of live video broadcast. The following is Dr. China and the Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of tutor APEC e-commerce business alliance chairman Jing Linbo in the conference speech.

          shangmeng thank you very much for giving me the chance to make an exchange. I want to focus on "12th Five-Year" is everyone should pay attention to. In the past 60 years, especially in the last 30 years, China’s economy has achieved rapid growth. Over the past 30 years, GDP maintained a growth of 9.8. 12th Five-Year planning inside, we look at how the network operators face the next development, what is the situation.

open history is easy for everyone to see, in the past, only one country in the history of the human race to achieve a continuous double, the three double, that is South korea. Our country has achieved the two doubling in the next ten years, and even longer can not double, is now our concern. As we all know, in 12th Five-Year, this time the plenary session in 12th Five-Year set the tone is that our main line is to accelerate the transformation of economic mode, the theme of scientific development. But the success of the past 30 years, does not mean that China will be able to maintain a more rapid growth in the future. The reason is very simple, the past high growth is our "three high", "high" is a high input, has invested more than half of the world’s cement, into the global 1/3 wall steel, such a high output, pollution, in 2009 was one of the first in the world, it is our emissions. These include CDO, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, we now know, some just the end of the meeting, and the last meeting in Copenhagen, foreign exchange.

we have a high pollution, high input, high consumption, all consumption ratio, per capita consumption ratio and output in developed countries is 1/30 – 1/40, this high a high input, high pollution, and a low output, which I do not have to say. What should we do in the next five years?. There are a lot of problems, which focus on the 12th Five-Year, our country had a center benefit sword, services is the most relevant three goals, the first is the production service industry agglomeration, industry facilitation, the third is the equalization of public services, the equalization of basic public services.

clustering, all of you here, do all the work is a gathering of information, logistics and distribution of the cluster is closely related. The convenience of living services, not to mention, chain, convenience, biography >

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