From six aspects to improve the user experience of the site

1, the site to open faster;

site open speed, directly affect the user’s feelings about the use of the site. It’s hard to imagine how a web site that can’t be opened for a long time will give the viewer a sense of what it feels like. If it is me, I will leave immediately, will not open the site. Because of this site, will delay my precious time, but also seriously affect my mood. So, try to avoid such a slow user browsing experience.

2, web page should be fresh and good-looking;

web page, is directly displayed to the viewer to see. Web site to the viewer’s feelings and experiences, to a large extent, is determined by the beauty of the page. A good show page, visitors can see to aid a good mood and feelings. I remember once, I give a page color very beautiful website of a friend, I put the website address to him, he looked after her head halo, I do not know what to do next. Obviously, such a site, did not give the user a good experience, naturally won’t get the user’s favor.

3, user registration should be as simple as possible;

user registration, basically every site has the function. In order to attract more visitors to the site to register, a primary factor is that the user should try to do a simple registration. Don’t start with a user fill in this, or even ask the viewer to fill in the actual age or name. This is not necessary. If customers really need the products and services provided by the website, they will carefully fill out the personal data. I personally recommend that the registration, so that visitors stay Email, in fact, enough. When users really need our services and products, and then let them fill out the details, too late.

4, website function to be simple and practical;

some sites, in the continuous development of new features, that the more functions, the more able to meet the needs of customers. In fact, the function of the website development, should comply with the principles of simple and practical, the key is to aim at the needs of users. Baidu on a simple search function, the use of people, too many; Tencent on a QQ chat function, the use of countless people.

website function development, the more simple and practical as possible. If it is B2C shopping sites, shopping cart features, to be detailed to ponder, the day will simplify the function, so that users will see the use of direct. If is the BBS forum, inside the function set to clear, to let the user see the post replies, you can delete. Such a function, it can be used in line with the user.

5, website information to be accurate and reliable;

website is the carrier of information, the purpose of the browser to the site, is to look at the site’s information, including related information, product information, service information, etc.. The quality level of Web information directly and profoundly affects the user experience. There must be a certain level of information editing

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