Shopping or were seized anti dumping involving trillion rebate market

claims that can help people save money while shopping rebate site was being touted, but now because of alleged illegal pyramid be besieged on all sides.

in June, following the Wenzhou business alliance, Fujian business network "crash", and the new site was "a problem". This is known as "ten thousand pattern".

yesterday (June 11th), there is news that thousands of shopping has been sealed. The rebate platform was known as the largest consumer online shopping rebate platform. Wanjia shopping has said, plans to use 2 years in the country to establish a network of agents in the county of the city of, with the development of the past 3 years to every level of life."

Jinhua Municipal Propaganda Department official yesterday not to the "daily economic news" reporter confirmed that the "million shopping seized by authorities only said" the news, this morning will be held a press conference by the municipal government spokesman informed.


is not confirmed by authoritative sources, but this year a series of rebate website "collapse" is rapidly expanding the scope. Statistics report shows that as of May this year, which began in 2009 with the rebate site in the country has reached more than 1 thousand, involving funds of up to 1 trillion yuan, in consumer rebates business agents, business members, membership of more than 30 million consumers. The only way to close the attachment of thousands of shopping, according to the company in May of this year, a notice shows that thousands of shopping alliance businesses up to 10, the cumulative turnover of more than $20 billion.

aftermarket phone has no answer

yesterday, the sudden emergence of a lot of online shopping was seized by the relevant departments of the news.

has micro-blog users post said, the police rushed into the vanguard shopping, shopping several people in charge has been taken away by the police, beware of thousands of shopping, has been suspected of pyramid schemes"……

there are friends map, one of the photos, a law enforcement officer in the company.

million shopping platform entity company for the Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Yesterday afternoon to go to work, the daily economic news reporter repeatedly call the company is located in Zhejiang, Jinhua headquarters customer service hotline, etc., are no answer. Reporter to Jinhua City, the relevant departments to verify the shopping seized news, which neither confirmed nor denied, only said, there will be a press conference to disclose details of the matter.

shopping before seemed to sense the risk. Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd released in May this year, the notice said, because some union businesses distort company policy on deduction, false trading behavior occurs, resulting in social media and on the company’s models have a lot of controversies, which the company’s survival and development is very unfavorable. In order to clean up the market, the establishment of the company complaints department, union station, fire inspection department always spare no effort to deal with alliance merchants and agents of various irregularities, so far, the company has illegal termination alliance business 5168 >

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