CCTV love grapefruit to enable the new domain name or independent operation

November 16th, according to sources, "love grapefruit 16" platform low-key enabled independent domain name Insiders speculate that the mode of development of grapefruit love "and" love cuckoo "may take independent operation.

reporter query Whois found that was registered in May 19, 2009 and is now enabled. The was registered in July 6, 2009. At present, these two domain names have been used in the CCTV domain name server. general manager Wang Wenbin said in an interview, "love grapefruit" and "the love" is an important part of the national television network, currently still in beta. As to whether the domain name has been enabled, Wang Wenbin said he did not know.

it is understood that the rumors and will operate independently of national network TV station for a long time, there is news that will maintain the current framework of integrated network media, and the national network TV station will be relatively independent, to become the special authority video platform.

insiders speculated that according to the current layout, "love grapefruit" and "love cuckoo" is one of the possible national network TV station in the future, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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