Why from the customer to reflect the business logic behind the Chinese nternet has changed

has more than half of 2016, the mobile Internet market is not a new product many impressive effects, the winter capital far away, a pair of "the sorrow of Ten thousand horses stand mute." miserable scene.

products in the wild at the same time, the industry of "people" attention is rising "There was no parallel in history., red net" become similar products (APP, public number) as the existence of entrepreneurs began to say it as long as there is a network of red, red net will have a flow of money to start a get out of hand. To fall down from the sky. In this context, we live in the network red boring time to kill, in the red question and answer page secretly listen to them to tell their privacy, and reflect the customer and sub answer into the first half of the two burst of fire products.

Lo fat live in Ying! Madongdong pollution group released off the day! "" Wang Sicong’s love of lovemaking posture is? Papi sauce authentic voice exposed! "At the same time people rush about telling the news around spreading these two products, has become the social network of the headlines, at a speed of brush amazing burst circle of friends, like a sponge absorbing flow. But more importantly, in the industry a variety of disputes and voices of doubt, there is a signal came out: these two platforms can make money! There is a network of red hair has been made!

in addition to real estate, what do not make money in economic cold winter, no more than that of the chicken and the aphrodisiac. In the "rational peers who have questioned this kind of mode low and sustainability at the same time, they should reflect off and have earned enough attention and money, the many colleagues talked about for many years, the story has always no goals, good profit, say their own blood!

it will be said, reflecting off live show, is a branch of knowledge transaction, the eight pole could not beat ah, why do you want to put them on a par? Is very simple, as long as we unraveling layers of nature, you will find the internal logic of these two products are strikingly similar, or frankly two, this single business to earn the same money. The mainstream of the Internet business logic is undergoing rapid changes, the specific performance can be as follows:

1, in the past, the use of the era of the PC build a larger platform concept; now, more of the depth of the tactics of hand travel into the product, after all, the game is one of the most profitable Internet products. Note here is that the "game of skill", rather than playing games, this game may and eight pole could not beat, but you will find a careful analysis on his essence is a game.

2, in the past, the pursuit of scale and volume; now, the pursuit of conversion and profit.

3, in the past, on free low and ultra efficient functional experience into the market, to capture the majority of the grass root; now, began selling "social currency" and "rolling grass root"".

4, in the past, to do business more for purely personal; now, more business aimed at the crowd pressure of individuals.

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