CBSi said that considering the acquisition of electronic commerce website for selling billions of do

CBSi (Chinese) May 14th news said President Wang Lu today told the Tencent interview in Sanya science and technology, BSi will consider the acquisition of a female biased shopping B2C electronic commerce website this year, annual sales of more than 100 million yuan.

previously, CBSi’s CNET China has acquired a series of vertical websites, including 55BBS. Wang Lu said that this year will continue to increase the acquisition of CBSi, and intends to introduce its video resources in the Chinese market, and domestic operators around the 3G video to cooperate.

CBSi is currently studying the feasibility of the U.S. headquarters, including e-commerce site acquisition plan, once we will implement the plan this year." Wang Lu said.

CBSi expand investment in China is an important reason why they are very optimistic about the potential development of China’s Internet market. Wang Lu said the economic crisis last year and no significant negative impact on the Internet Chinese, "in addition to IT enterprise advertising in the cut, we in the car, women in areas such as advertising revenue recently received huge growth."

it is worth noting that the current number of e-commerce sites of the domestic annual sales of billions of dollars and many, in which the female electronic commerce website has more network, fashion uprising and many other, do not rule out the acquisition of the site may be going to CBSi.

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