CANN or will be 12 this month by Xxx domain name suffix application

December 2nd news ICANN will be invited on the 12 day of this month, ICM members of the.Xxx domain name suffix of the research conference, then, ICANN may be formally approved by the ICM company’s application for the suffix.Xxx. It is understood that the United States, Florida, ICM registered company will send 19 people to attend the meeting. As early as in 2006, ICM to the ICANN for the first time filed an application for the.Xxx domain name, but by the Italy government and the United States freedom of expression.

the ICANN will be re.Xxx top-level domain name on the agenda of the work, is still being opposed, and played against.Xxx domain slogan.


said, although the.Xxx domain name dispute, but ICANN has repeatedly approval.Xxx top-level domain name on the agenda, the Research Conference on day 12 is likely to be on the spot through the examination and approval, according to the latest version of ICANN two for the new top-level domain suffix published draft shows that new top-level domain application and approval threshold will be put low.

related introduction:

In fact, as early as seven years ago, the United States domain name registration service ICM Registry has filed an application to

, requires the opening of the.Xxx domain name suffix, as an adult site dedicated ICANN. Internet users to quickly distinguish whether the site contains pornographic content. 05 years, the proposal was initially approved, with the intention of.Travle and other professional domain name suffix introduced. But soon it was met with protests from conservative groups.

.Xxx domain name suffix, in fact, equivalent to the site to establish a legitimate "red light district". Of course supporters think it can at a glance, as long as the parents not to let the children go to the District, to save the street looked out. But opponents think it is the only in dark could be destructive to the morals, not something to get a table, a bright, will not attract children’s identification, pornographic and violent.

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