Tuniu CEO OTA in duright leisure travel not to marriage

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CEO: tuniu duright leisure OTA not to "marry" when

reporter Xu Weiwei Nanjing reported

OTA Chinese giant Ctrip and where to go "marriage", whether of the second echelon of the industry lead the way cattle and with the way with speculation.

leisure travel is still in the early stages of development, each size is not large, not to get married." Tuniu.com founder and CEO in duright does not consider the possibility of the leisure travel market with, although the main leisure tourism market in the way cattle and with the way the business has many similarities, such as the two sides are actively under development line O2O shop experience, that the integration of online and offline is represent the general trend.

in November 5th, said in duright accept twenty-first Century economic report interview during the fifth tuniu Partner Conference, industry development needs of various enterprises together to promote, the leisure travel market size of 400 billion yuan is expected to grow quickly to trillion scale on the market, the service chain is not completed, the customer experience is not perfect, so the future competition the key will be in the brand, service and innovation.

pound heavily in brand marketing


November 3rd, to 149 million yuan scored high reality show program "run brothers" 2016 special cooperation right, had also announced the signing of Jay Chou, and after the signing of Jimmy Lin, open the double voice mode. Because there are few OTA so heavily pound outside of the way cattle brand marketing, the money was worth if there is doubt.

results, the way cattle in 2014 sales and marketing expenses were 434 million yuan, an increase of 294.5%. According to the way cattle first quarter and second quarter earnings, only the first half of 2015, the way cattle sales and marketing expenses had reached 421 million yuan, in the way cattle brand marketing investment remarkable.

Yu Dunde said that the reason is because of the importance of brand marketing, the way cattle products price is high, in order to allow customers to choose rest assured, need brand endorsement. "We are a young brand, if customers know that we spent a lot of effort on the brand, you will know that we will not easily do harm to the brand, but to provide good service." Yu Dunde said.

Yu Dunde believes that the brand is intangible assets, and the focus of competition is no longer the price of OTA, but the service, brand and innovation capabilities, so the brand investment is not a waste of money. "The price war has no value, no precipitation, the way cattle to spend more money on improving the core competitiveness of the above." Yu Dunde said.

but he admitted that a problem facing all the service industry, intangible assets investment losses in the report, because this part of the funds included in the marketing costs, but does not reflect the growth of assets.

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