Xiao Shenyang Pinyin domain name was registered bid 50 thousand berserk

ox Spring Festival, with Zhao Benshan performing comedy sketch "not bad money" Xiao Shenyang, has recently become the focus of media and public pursuit. Come, Xiao Shenyang, not bad money, even is a funny lines "pure" Xiao Shenyang said in a time have become the master of fashion "corn" (cybersquatters) are concerned, the related domain names have been registered.

"not bad money" was registered by

yesterday, a netizen broke the news to the newspaper, Xiao Shenyang Pinyin domain name has been registered, the registered domain name is the domain name of a series of hanging in the online waiting for buyers. Enter the www.xiaoshenyang.com reporter at the site of the address bar, a domain name transfer page, including the domain name, domain name, Xiao Shenyang spelling series (including 7 suffixes) labeled "domain name", and "most of the words are about some of Xiao Shenyang’s recent media news reports. Xiao Shenyang worth skyrocketing, Xiao Shenyang can become a piece of evergreen trees and other headlines eye-catching. Subsequently, the reporter in the address bar of the site to try to enter Zhao Benshan’s Pinyin domain name (www.zhaobenshan.com), open a look, was actually a fertilizer company in Tianjin. "Not bad money" Pinyin input domain name (www.buchaqian.com), found that the domain name has been registered users, and there is a thought-provoking message: "site planning, welcomed the cooperation intention."

2007 registered friends nickname

in accordance with the contact left on the site, the reporter and registered Xiao Shenyang Pinyin domain name made contact. The following is a reporter with the net name called Meng × × part of the user chats.

reporter: how much is the domain name transfer fee?

Meng × ×:5 million, do not bargain.

reporter: is there anyone else who wants to buy


Meng × ×; there are a lot of questions.

reporter: now Xiao Shenyang is not fire, probably want to borrow excuse me, but 50 thousand is too expensive.

Meng × ×; well, if he doesn’t fire it won’t be that expensive. Registration of the domain name is purely coincidental. 2007 I have registered the "Xiao Shenyang" of this series of domain name, it is because I have a friend called Xiao Shenyang.

broker said he did not intend to buy

yesterday afternoon, Zhao Benshan and Xiao Shenyang’s agent Gao Dakuan told reporters, Zhao Benshan Xiao Shenyang, I do not intend to buy back the Pinyin domain name, domain name speculation friends with these celebrities "no significance". Moreover, he believes that there is no need to register the name of the name of the star of the star with the stars I pulled together, which has no relationship with the stars of this sense of rights. >

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