Breath breath freshener advent rookie three tea

bad breath is a common oral solution, and all kinds of bad breath, in recent years, with zhiyitang Sanqing tea as the representative of the class to a large number of oral halitosis products are popular in the network, a time control of the oral market.


eight years later, the consumer demand for bad breath solutions are getting higher and higher, although the original oral products can solve the problem of the mouth, but the effect is often up to 1~2 months. If you want to go out for a bad breath appointments, negotiations and other social activities, oral products are clearly not the advantages of rapid onset, consumers need to be able to quickly produce a product.

in the long-term market surveys, visited a large number of consumers, zhiyitang development experts start of the development of a rapid onset of mouth spray products.

This new

must be different from ordinary oral sprays, first of all, it takes effect quickly; secondly, have certain antibacterial activity, in order to prolong the action time of the drug; third, can not have irritating ingredients, so as not to stimulate the already fragile oral mucosa.

to this principle as the guiding ideology, through a lot of experiments, a new type of herbal oral spray – three tea breath freshener came out. The tea breath freshener inherited the characteristics of three oral tea, herbal ingredients with pure plant, extracting effective ingredients of olive, Ophiopogon, licorice, honeysuckle, mint, Pang Dahai, such as Chinese herbal medicine, made by using the form of a spray, spray immediately eliminate oral odor, rapid inhibition. Long time use, can effectively adjust the oral flora, clean the mouth, completely eliminate oral odor.


experiments showed that the bacteriostatic effect of good tea three breath freshener on Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, oral anaerobic bacteria. At present, the products have passed the national health department for inspection, to be listed, with the benefit of more bad breath.

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