Green outfit an analysis of 28 push promotion strategies and methods

recently in the webmaster believe that there are two things we are very concerned, a ZAC is a new book, another is the old Mu 28 push, because the ZAC book copyright limitation is not convenient to disclose, and today we talk about the 28 push! Push is 28 Singles Day on the line, to this is just 10 days, below the picture and see 28 grades! 10 days nearly 7000 registered members, I believe that this figure is A5, CHINAZ, behind these industries big brother didn’t do so well, it seems that the old Mu promotion strategy to do is really good ah, today we talk about 28 push the promotion strategy! I generally summed up under the old Mou holding 5 trump card


first celebrity effect


said here is not only the elderly themselves, including Lao Mu later hired 28 experts, the expert group of plastic surgery is extremely strong, Qiu Shida, Jia Sijun, Peng tube, Dai Ren Guang, Tang Boyang, Gao Kang, 28 groups have joined the morning breeze and the lingering moon push, even my best friend want to feather join, join many expert on 28 back is more icing on the cake, as a new hotel opened to what the leadership of the province, what what the mayor, a short time caused a great sensation is normal


second blog promotion

28 to push the establishment and development of the old, every hour and moment in its blog does not add old Mou a whoop and a holler, in the webmaster has very high visibility, the blog is also unusual, so many webmaster moment understand this emerging network promotion forum.

third soft Wen strategy

Lao mu in the beginning of the establishment of the forum to write the relevant text, because of the relationship between visibility, soft time spread rapidly in the network, greatly increase the visibility of 28 push.


collar bombing

(Weibo) micro-blog in China is a new thing, the old, through its Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog advertising the new website every hour and moment is 28 push, many fans in the old Mou or surrounded by 28, and obtained the further development, micro-blog power has played a major role in the old Mou


fifth Shoutu task

about the event marketing case is actually a lot, but the use of network promotion to the apprentice to the promotion of the website is first Lao Mu open, celebrity but it also benefited from the old mu itself. Do people in the network, or is the webmaster, I want to know Lao Mu should be not much, such a so many years of an old traveller to apprentice, of course, some people will cause a lot of volatility, a lot of people will come here, even a few of my friends went to the group sign up, let me pubuhan! Lao mu by publishing task for the apprentice, I will have a large number of children are most probably it did not actually happen in response, old Mou received only a few disciples only, but the old Mu 28 push benefits are immeasurable to the task, so no matter how.

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