Po mom global purchase completed 36 million A round of financing valuation

southwest of cross-border electricity supplier O2O chain " Baoma global purchase " has completed 36 million yuan A round of financing, by the still morning Kechuang fund collar vote. After the current round of financing, the treasure of the world to buy hundreds of billions of valuation. Founder Liu Jian said that this round of financing will be mainly used for cultivating foreign supply chain channel, and the company and brand image construction, in 2017 reached more than 500 the number of stores, the annual volume of 150 million short term goals.

with the domestic consumption to enhance the ability of product quality and consumer upgrades, Germany, Holland, Australia and Japan’s mainstream imported products increasingly favored, under this premise, Baoma global purchase with the market, consumption of high frequency, high degree of trust, and the characteristics of single consumer amount:

1, the country has hundreds of millions of young women and nearly 100 million children aged 0-3 years old, more than 25 million newborns each year;

2, customers have to buy more than 2 months, the proportion of people into the store can be as high as 70%;

3, high-quality goods, the price advantage, stronger consumer confidence in physical stores;

4, the average purchase price of an average of 476 yuan a single customer can reach thousands of dollars.


Treasure the mother to join the global

purchase mode, belonging to the Chongqing love treasure Agel Ecommerce Ltd, focusing on Germany, Holland, Japan and Australia imported high-quality pure maternal and child products, to the next line store experience O2O rooting in Sichuan 234 line of the city, has now expanded to many provinces and cities.

unified planning store location, decoration, display, as well as the franchisee to provide systematic product and marketing training, as well as imported products. At present, the number of stores purchased treasure mom global nationwide, has more than 100 monthly shipments of nearly ten million yuan.

currently the number of products of about 500 SKU, in 2017 only to consider the new SKU does not exceed 100, compared with the proposed area of franchise stores, has been able to meet the basic needs. Liu Jian adhere to quality line, provide foreign high price products as the first, do not blindly increase the long tail products, which can effectively ensure the company’s inventory turnover rate, and reduce the franchisee product display required amount of funds used.

It is reported that

, founder Liu Jian had nearly 10 years of working experience in BenQ, Microsoft, Autodesk and other well-known foreign companies, and for the first time in 2011 on the success of the two venture business. Carambola co-founder CTO Newegg business enterprise research and development in the new American top ten person in charge of more than 12 years. Yueh Sun, co-founder of the business director in the telecommunications industry for 10 years, has a wealth of business negotiation skills.

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