Advertising technology platform Collective financing 34 million allows users to create cross channe

advertising technology company Collective today announced the completion of $34 million financing. The round of financing led by the Washington investment institutions Columbia Partners, Accel Partners (focus on information technology and health field), Greycroft and iNovia with cast.


the money will be mainly invested in the development of the company’s new product Visto. Collective claims that this platform can enhance transparency and interoperability for relatively closed advertising technologies. In the past, it was difficult for advertisers to extract valid data from a number of marketing campaigns and obscure text. In the Visto page, all the content will be subdivided according to the supply and the demand side and the issuer, convenient user access; at the same time, Visto also can integrate a plurality of network information platform, to find the matching content for a variety of marketing needs of advertisers.


Collective CEO Joe Apprendi said the company hopes to focus on the business of Visto first video and exhibition. Through this platform, users will be able to use a single UI targeted consumer groups, and create a unified system of cross channel advertising campaigns. He also stressed that Visto will replace the current advertisers are using a long stack of platforms, allowing users to a platform through 20 different key performance indicators to generate a detailed marketing report.

at present, Collective based on the original platform, Visto has accumulated and trained a large number of enterprise users.

in addition, Visto will follow a contract based on SaaS pricing model. With the gradual increase of self-service advertising technology market share, Visto is undoubtedly an important layout for Collective to enter this field. Of course, Collective will also diversify the direction of development, to provide advertisers self-service + artificial hybrid services, allowing users to cooperate with the company to optimize marketing activities.

Geoff Judge

is responsible for the investment in iNovia Capital pointed out: "many service providers in the technical field of advertising although can provide a lot of complex sales data and analysis report, but no one like Visto can integrate the analysis of data from so many channels."

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