The new mobile phone virus came to click on our photo scam


, a new mobile phone virus called "2015 album", has spread rapidly since the beginning of this year in February.


fraud Gang clear division of labor within


placed three mobile phones on the desktop, which belong to hackers, victims and victims of friends.


suspects have begun to analyze the relevant information of the victim, and has begun to use a small amount of illegal profits.

[Click to view the

diffusion! " our photo " cheat you ruin! Don’t link


a new virus quietly come, many consumers receive a text message, the content is: This is our album, open to see, and attached a link in the back. But once you click on the link, the victim’s personal information will be automatically sent to the fraud Gang backstage system. In the end who made such a virus? They are a kind of person? The "2015 album" the mobile phone virus is transmitted to each other in the mobile phone, how to control our mobile phone? How is the cause of our property losses? We then look down.

Click to view our photo? It’s a scam! Don’t click on the link!

in front of the low head silent young man, not handsome, childish, from the appearance, it is difficult to contact with reporters he suspected of fraud together, that is two months ago, Guangzhou police in Guangdong city of Maoming province arrested him, he spread a "album in 2015" a new type of mobile phone virus spread rapidly, since February this year.

the police statistics, only half a month, the number of suspects by the control of the mobile phone more than 10 thousand Taiwan, fraudulent payment of bank cards to others more than 20 times through the Internet, in his bank account for fraud has received 36 payments totaling 180 thousand yuan, this seemingly inexperienced, even some people feel shy young man, why rely on obtaining money for


repeatedly persuaded the police, he said his own story. He told reporters that his surname, Guangdong Mao celebrities, 26 years old, read a technical school, was arrested before unemployed.

he told CCTV finance "economic half-hour" reporter, in not a computer professional technical school and after graduation, also tried to find a job, but because they are not doing any job love leisure and hate labour, for a long time, a year ago in Anhui met online Hefei Kang, two people began to plan the use of Trojan virus the implementation of fraud.

driven by the huge profits, the smaller the deeper, and self-learning hacker technology and computer programming. According to small account, fraud

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