Daily topic why is the company’s 1 billion worth of notes taken down

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 30th news, recently on the Evernote faced more than rumors, according to foreign media reports, the impression notes "Evernote" again on Tuesday announced to streamline the company scale, cut 47 jobs and close three overseas offices. The unicorn, which was valued at $1 billion, is now seen as a bad

Chris · (Chris  O’Neill) in July this year to replace Evernote co-founder · Phil; Evernote (Phil  Libin), served as chief executive officer. O’neal said in an official blog, the purpose of the adjustment is to make Evernote more healthy, because the company’s focus has become a business tool, rather than a consumer tool.

O’neal said he plans to focus on the "impression notes notes, synchronization and search", the next few months the adjustment will be more obvious, then Evernote will launch the "major product improvement", and at the same time to withdraw from the failure of service.

Evernote is a multi class notes application, released in 2008. In early May 2012, Evernote received $70 million in financing, including investors, including China’s broadband industry fund (CBC  Capital), including. Subsequently, Evernote announced a global expansion strategy, since its entry into the mainland market in 2010 or so, has also been sought after by domestic users. And even after the impression of the fire up, but also led to the domestic application of the hot notes, Youdao cloud notes began to compete for the market.

Evernote users has reached more than 4700, subscribers are around 2 million, its cash reserves of more than $100 million, up $1 billion valuation.

Evernote products are mainly composed of personal products and enterprise products, which is commonly used in the cloud notes business model. Personal products are divided into free and paid version to meet the needs of different users. Although in 2012 launched the enterprise edition Evernote  Business, but Evernote’s business focus is still on the individual user. The conversion rate of these individual users is not ideal. In 2012, Evernote individual users from free to pay conversion rate of only 6%.

In the past, notes

Evernote application advantages make it stand head and shoulders above others, a single large, globally firmly occupy more market share. But at present, the impression of a single big has become the past. Especially in the decision to note the future survival of corporate users, impression notes do not enough. At present, for enterprise users, the impression is only a record of higher storage, teamwork

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