Fell out of the first camp Dangdang user loss alleged marginalization


dangdang.com revenue structure (pictures from the network operators in the world)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 17th

CEO Li Guoqing dangdang.com youdianfan recently, not only once again into the information leakage quagmire, CCTV exposure was also selling fake Borghese products, even foreign analysts also came on, Dangdang slashed the price target, and pointed out that the most recent quarter losses continued to enlarge, before 2014 will be difficult to profit, a direct result of the day Dangdang shares fell 5.6% net.

back to the end of 2010 Dangdang Dangdang China Amazon concept unveiled the U.S. capital markets, the same day the issue price rose 86.94%. But after a year and a half, Dangdang has become completely another scene.

just listed, Li Guoqing heroic red sky, unexpectedly calm on the stock price performance. "SoSo, general." Also straightened up, Morgan Stanley (Stanley Morgan war female female employees) to vent their smells, and with the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiang East play book, boasted of the price war all the competitors are taken retaliatory.

now some of the loss of dangdang. In 9 months, a loss of 300 million yuan of the embarrassment of not only in the electricity supplier price war, price jumping to $5.88, down 81.8% compared with the highest price. 2011 at least 3 million of the old user churn, accounting for 35% of active users in 2010. In the recent electricity supplier price war is also difficult to see the shadow of Dangdang, and even the view that Dangdang has dropped out of the first camp electricity supplier, more and more marginalized, and gradually lose the right to speak electricity supplier industry.

China as the earliest B2C ecommerce site on behalf of the company, this can boast of dangdang.com later, but missed the golden ten years of development opportunities, its business strategy is the development of Jingdong, suning.com, Tmall mall hurricane dash in China electricity supplier tide all a hideous mess. Dangdang in the end how to do? Well, the business is wrong, whether it can return to the first camp?

lost dangdang.com: user experience share eroded opponent misconduct loss

in the past 2 years, China e-commerce market has achieved rapid development, dangdang.com rival Jingdong mall sales of 10 billion 200 million in 2010, reached 21 billion yuan in 2011, 2012 is put forward to the goal of more than 50 billion yuan. Tmall claimed that 2011 sales have exceeded 100 billion yuan, in 2012 is expected to exceed $200 billion. In contrast, dangdang.com sales figures are inferior by comparison sales volume reached 2 billion 280 million yuan, in 2010, 3 billion 600 million yuan in 2011, and the gap between opponents more.

also suffered dangdang.com churn troubles, the world network operators contrast dangdang.com in 2010 and 2011 earnings report pointed out that in 2011 there are at least 3 million loss of old users, this is.

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