The global CN domain name registration nearly 10 million 830 thousand of the total net increase of 1

IDC network ( on 20 August 01 reports: according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that as of December 2013, the global.CN domain name registration has exceeded the total of 10 million, reached 10 million 830 thousand, a net increase of 1219909 last month, a larger increase.


(Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

During the 2013 year

,.CN domain growth growth is not stable, as one falls, another rises, but overall growth is relatively optimistic. During the 1-7 months,.CN domain name registration was a ladder growth. But in August,.CN registration volume fell, but fortunately the next four months,.CN domain name once again pick up, a strong rebound in the total. December,.CN domain name registration to the highest value, breaking 10 million, up to 10829480.

below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about December,.CN domain name registration.


(Figure 2) December.CN domain name statistics chart

according to figure 2, as shown in the statistics,.Cn domain name alone, the advantage is obvious, the total registered to increase to 8874726, the proportion of up to 86.9%. Followed by domain name, the registered amount of 992580, accounting for more than 9.2%. domain name registration volume suddenly increased to 713055, accounting for 6.6%. While other.Cn suffix domain names are less than 3%.

The domain name registration is only 125510, accounting for 1.2% of the total; domain name is 59758, accounting for 0.6%; is 55207, accounting for 0.5%;, and domain name registration is less, respectively 4150, 4429 and 65.

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