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tiger sniffing note: Internet companies on the penetration of traditional industries, not only brought innovation and prosperity, but also brought the regulatory authorities, the troubled". How, is not well regulators present corresponding subject, has become the Internet bigwigs in anxiety — whenever the wind sways grass "is a" state of extreme nervousness. worries. Dialogue with the Internet bigwigs, to understand what the Internet companies want to use the Internet to think about the way people think of this emerging industry management, is a way to crack the current network letter to do regulatory problems. This article from the Xinhua news agency, the original title: what the Internet bigwigs think reporter: Luo Yufan, Nan Ting, the tiger sniffing slightly abridged.

at the beginning of September, Beijing Jingxi Hotel, a network information office organized the relevant information and Internet security study seminar held a low-key. In addition to a few media limited open one hour of group discussion, this seminar is almost in a closed state for a day and a half.

in this seminar, where most top companies China Internet industry and their leader, Ma Huateng (Tencent), Zhang Zhaoyang (Sohu), Cao Guowei (Sina), Qi Xiangdong (360), Chen Yizhou (renren.com), Jin Jianhang (Alibaba)…… What are they thinking about,


Cao Guowei: market

Cao Guowei (Sina chairman and CEO): since the importance of the Internet to see the problem, the core is to solve the problem. The key point is to make clear what the enterprise should do, what the government should do, what the market should do. Market competition, market development is the basis for the development of the internet. On the basis of the market, the government should do more in the construction of infrastructure, in the formulation of laws and regulations. Enterprises should invest more energy and creativity in the management of network content, in the construction of network public opinion ecology.

reporter observed: as with Cao Guowei, the leader of China’s Internet almost everyone in the emphasis on the important role of the market. In fact, this is indeed a key factor Chinese Internet industry can A new force suddenly rises.. One at the beginning of the birth is not a concern, the government has not been included in the line of sight of Internet companies have been able to succeed, it is thanks to the market, it is not difficult to understand why they are market factors beyond the regulation would be cautious.

Zhang Zhaoyang: fair play

Zhang Zhaoyang (Chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of Sohu): the Chinese Internet industry bigger and stronger, I think that fair competition is the most important. This is the only important thing in all industries. Chinese Internet industry’s "vital is to maintain and improve the mechanism of fair competition, the development of the Internet industry to market, it will do well.

reporter observed: fair competition is still a market-oriented concept, emphasizing fair competition is essentially to emphasize the development of the Internet to rely on market mechanisms. However, Zhang

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