Google is confident that it will be able to obtain a licence to operate in China

            Beijing time on July 9th morning news Google CEO Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said that the company is able to get in China operating license, before the news, China is likely to reject Google’s operating license extension application.

Schmidt in the sun (Sun Valley), said he expects the Chinese government will extend the company’s Internet license, but the specific time is not yet approved.

Schmidt said: we are expected to get the necessary permission to renew operations."

Google in January this year, announced that it would not cooperate with the Chinese government to review the search results, and warned that it would withdraw from the Chinese market. March, Google direct Chinese engine access request automatically transferred to Google Hongkong engine.

Google’s share price has fallen by more than 26% this year, as Google’s exit from China, the world’s third largest economy, and analysts and investors have weakened confidence in its performance.

Schmidt said, I hope the relevant license problems can be solved, so that Google may retain some business in China, but refused to predict the approved time, said: "this is only the government can know Chinese".

The Ministry of industry and information technology, which is responsible for reviewing the operation licenses of Internet content providers, said Google was late in submitting applications for


Schmidt’s comments came as Google faced a fierce competition between apple and Facebook.

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