No flash marriage Youku potatoes or change the copyright and advertisement price


whether or not Wang Wei is the choice to start a business or choose to do a thorough literary youth, his career in the field of video will end up with Youku potatoes. On the other hand, Youku, Tudou as company leaders, Koo really can lead the new company leading the industry leader position


March 12th, Youku, Tudou announced the merger, with the way of 100% of the convertible merger agreement signed on the day before yesterday.

in accordance with the agreement, from the date of the merger, converted into 7.177 shares of Youku potatoes per class a common stock, all outstanding and ordinary shares of class A and class B common shares will be delisted, its American depositary receipts will be delisted and converted into 1.595 shares of Youku American depositary receipts.

After the merger of

, Youku will account for 71.5% of the shares of the new company, the new company will be named after the merger Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd, the two sides are expected to be completed in the merger of the third quarter of 2012.

The news

both announced just like a bomb, so that the industry is deeply shocked, Youku, potatoes also after the movie copyright played awfully, how suddenly from the "enemy" has become a "husband and wife"


at the end of 2011, Youku and potatoes or tit for tat copyright battle "enemy".

even announced on launched unfair competition lawsuit, said that in the speech released claim has not been charged under the premise of huge compensation acts of speculation and malicious competition, resulting in fell, and claims 4 million 800 thousand yuan.

suddenly shocked everyone with no doubt, in addition to the few people really understand things.

two brands of a company has long been eager to join hands

After the merger of

, Victor Koo as the new company CEO, Tudou CEO Wang Wei into the board of directors. According to the agreement, Youku, although the merger, but the mode of operation in the future is a company, two brands, two websites, two sales system, to achieve a win-win situation in cooperation, openness, respect and tolerance of team atmosphere".

announced the merger of the next morning, Gu Yongqiang, Wang Wei both appeared in the potato network headquarters in Beijing, and then held about half an hour of staff conference. Some employees asked: for potatoes to Youku, Youku or potatoes to employees how to do?

their dress has answered the problem of staff, Wang Wei dressed in a blue suit faded Casual Shirts, the side of Gu Yongqiang wearing orange shirt, a blue hue is Youku company, the latter is the potato company orange.

4 in the afternoon, Gu Yongqiang and Wang Wei both came to Shanghai headquarters is located in Shanghai City, a 4 storey factory abandoned Xietu route into the. >

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