Zhang Xiaolong the father of WeChat Tencent past and future

Zhao Nan

is not the first time WeChat let Zhang Xiaolong fame, the domestic software industry has branded his imprint.

industry know Zhang Xiaolong, because of his Foxmail, this is the first time Zhang Xiaolong fame. From the 1996 launch of the mail client software, to 4 years in the year of 2000, it has attracted 2 million users. This allows most people to give up the Microsoft system comes with the Outlook mailbox software, was also the most well-known technology website ZDnet was rated 5 star software.

2000, in a cafe in Beijing, Zhongguancun, Zhang Xiaolong to the media reporter Li Xueling’s first impression is: there is no imagination of self-confidence and pride, there is always a light like water calm. However, in this conversation, Zhang Xiaolong told Li Xueling that he wanted to sell Foxmail to a friend and then go to the United States alone.

that time Zhang Xiaolong, some frustrated. In 2000, but also the beginning of the first year of the Internet bubble. After the Foxmail 2 version, Zhang Xiaolong has rarely updated, every night to see the user sent to encourage the message, hand to hand keys.

nearly to Lei Jun

in fact, as early as 1998, the general manager of Kingsoft Lei Jun has been looking at Foxmail, he was also thinking of the acquisition.

one day in September 1998, to find the Foxmail login secret BUG Lei Jun, according to Foxmail software to leave the e-mail address, sent a letter to Zhang Xiaolong. Zhang Xiaolong also responded quickly and left his phone number in the mail.

Lei on the phone his first discovered BUG told Zhang Xiaolong. Zhang Xiaolong on the other side of the phone response: a lot of people to reflect the secret is a problem, I did not find out where the problem is, thank you." Technology blog author Yang Miao, discovered in more than and 10 years after some problems of WeChat and find Zhang Xiaolong, Yang Miao said, Zhang Xiaolong is with the plain and humble tone.

on the phone, Lei Jun that Zhang Xiaolong in Guangzhou a system integration company. Lei began to come straight to the point (the Foxmail), you can sell Kingsoft? Zhang Xiaolong responded: 150 thousand. The telephone conversation is almost over.

Lei recalled that 150 thousand was the phone, both sides can accept the price, intended to invite Zhang Xiaolong to negotiate the details of Zhuhai Jinshan, but because of their busy Lenovo injection Jinshan thing, and Zhang Xiaolong sent to negotiate the developers felt that such a software, Kingsoft 1-2 months can do out. So, it’s not going to work.

March 2005, Tencent acquired Foxmail. Why Tencent to buy Foxmail? At that time, Foxmail’s team, including Zhang Xiaolong, including only 20 people, users do not

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