Taobao blocked cash back rebate site model met the challenge mode


Taobao Alliance announced yesterday that it will no longer support Taobao Station Shopping back in January 1st from now on Taobao customer mode


technology news November 21st noon news, Amoy’s Taobao Alliance announced yesterday that from January 1st next year will no longer support Taobao station Shopping for Refund Taobao off mode, only support the return points, back in kind, return coupons and other non cash rebate mode. This also means that as students rely on cash back rebate website business model will face substantial adjustment.

Taobao alliance yesterday issued a notice that some cash back class Taobao customers in the propaganda exaggerated the amount of cash back, extend the cashback account period, deliberately set many restrictions of rebates, against the interests of consumers and businesses to influence the price system. Therefore, from January 1, 2013 onwards, Taobao alliance will no longer support for the Taobao station (including Tmall and Taobao mart) cash back shopping to members or buyers of Taobao off mode, only support the return points, back in kind, and other non cash coupon.

The class is now back off Taobao

announcement, which refers to the general consumer understanding of the rebate website. The user through the rebate site jump to the seller after the shopping rebate web site to obtain commissions from the seller, and will be a part of the commissions in cash returned to the user account.

as a way to promote the Taobao alliance, compared to the cash back return, return coupon rebate integral form is more intuitive and easy to use, it has access to users. In recent years, the rebate network, Tesco and the return of net rebate site in this mode based on professional development, become the representative of the rebate website.

Amoy said that this adjustment will not affect the return now from Taobao Taobao class passenger extracted into the seller’s return, integral non cash will also support Taobao inside and outside the station, does not affect the use of users on other platforms. In addition,, said the site will not be affected, such as the beautiful shopping guide.

in spite of this, the rules change will undoubtedly enhance the control of Taobao platform for subsequent consumer behavior. When the return form, the return of funds to the user may flow to other electronic business platform. Take the points, subsequent consumer behavior can at least stay in Alipay and Taobao set treasure system.

The return of

network CEO Chen Fangyi said that after adjustment rules, the rebate website attractive for users will decline, but in the long term the new rule is really conducive to regulate the industry rebates. From the operational point of view is not necessarily a bad thing, integral controllability is better than cash. But what kind of impact on the industry, it is difficult to judge."

51 rebate surnamed Chen business responsible person said that the 51 rebate had an alliance with Taobao has made communication rules, the company also supports the adjustment of the rules. The influence of rules for the 51 rebate business, he said no comment.


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