People from the media reading how to write a good article

someone asked me, Yang brother, how to write a good article?

I asked him: how many articles did you write?

he said: three

I said: when you write 300 articles, come and ask me this question!

sounds my answer seems very unfeeling like, in fact, want to write a good article, not to rely on the idealistic. A lot of people are very envious of those who write an article, can trigger a wave of people forwarding writers.

, however, in my opinion, writing, one is relying on talent, two is the need to write. Some people may ask, I would like to write, but do not know how to write! Of course, the first focus of writing is the writing material. Is the so-called one can’t make bricks without straw. Now I will give you hematemesis share how I find writing material


news review

you see online every day some hot news burst out, just as people do not ask me how to write an article on the Tianjin Tanggu accident view? So, if you are good at observation and analysis, hot news is a very good source of writing material.

there are some areas of science and technology to do a good job from the media people, they are chasing the hot news. What are the benefits of writing popular news?

first, allowing readers to participate, because each of the top news want to express their views. Second, you can increase the flow, the search engine you write articles with hot news keywords, easy to cause large traffic.

like a UNIQLO event, you write an event triggered by UNIQLO marketing thinking. Once this article is included in the news source platform, it is easy to cause large forwarding, traffic will naturally become more.

reading comprehension

I wrote a few articles in this area, but in the future may be more. Why will the future be more because I set up a circle of pay, called the same frequency will be reading, since it is reading, certainly must read ah.

I send members a book on the Internet every month. Of course, I will. After getting the book, I will do some reading notes, and then to share in the group. This time, the reading process to write some reading notes, sentiment, is also a very good source of writing material.

read other people’s articles

in this era, we actually read a lot of time. Just read the channel is not the same. Some people read some articles from the circle of friends, some people are reading an article on the web page, while others are concerned about their favorite public number to read the article.

whether we read an article is good or bad, it can bring us some thinking. And think about this article, and then write it out, he will

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