Black hat novice training in Wangzhuan misunderstanding tank

every day to write tutorial, feel to write a lot of accumulated knowledge, also feel write things are somewhat abstract, so many of my friends think it is a bit difficult, here in the black hat tank with everybody first to apologize. The black hat technology tank is born, the style is not too good, there may be some things that you know, but it is difficult to express the text, so you don’t mind. Well, that’s what we’re talking about today. Recently I found all kinds of Wangzhuan training, whether it is SEO, Adwords, English guest Wangzhuan, more and more training and so on, because of too much temptation, a lot of people have been fooled, also lost, also lost the essence of wangzhuan. Here I give a brief account of the online training, I hope not by peer here, I just want to let you know more clearly about the industry.

do not blindly participate in Wangzhuan training:

due to various types of training Wangzhuan very much, the price is ranging from 200-10000. I think everyone’s attention is, do not see the word "Wangzhuan" on the heart, before you enter this industry, you should think about whether you are interested in this industry, whether it is suitable for the industry, for the relative time and energy. Do not think it is easy to make money on the Internet such an idea, do not trust any profits, a week back to this, quickly become rich adjectives. Before you attend the training Wangzhuan these are what you need to first think, no matter what the industry should adhere to, especially in the network, execution and learning ability is very important, because too many new things suck money, think to slow and tedious operation, so give up halfway. These are things I often see, so everyone before entering this industry, first ask yourself: "I know whether it is suitable for the stay in this industry? Do I have to do something about this execution? Do I have the time to learn? Can I do it?"

how to find suitable Wangzhuan training class:

before entering the industry, the first to give yourself a position to start from where you want to learn SEO, for example, are you interested in SEO, you can locate here, concentrate on studying and learning, can also find the training system related to learning, everything step by step, to speed not up! When you finish SEO and practice, think you can extend the learning, then you can consider training or self-study. In my opinion, to buy a few books first look at the first operation, this is the best, what do not understand Baidu, because Baidu is the best teacher. If you attended the Wangzhuan training, in addition to learning the operating methods of others, but also to learn other people’s thinking, and the combination of innovation, because thinking can not keep up, whether you operate multiple cattle X is of no significance.

How to identify the quality of

Wangzhuan training class:

1 search the name of this training class to see if there is no bad information or SE information is not much, what is the information.


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