Case change case Huang Taiji’s fall to entrepreneurs who bring enlightenment

a pancake stalls can carry many big dreams? Huang Taiji used personal experience to tell you: billions of dollars in financing, valuation of 1 billion 200 million; but this fame was now Huang Taiji also suffered a crisis: the media broke the Huang Taiji store in Beijing appeared off store phenomenon, the operating costs of the line and let them to afford, last year completed the B round of financing is not a new round of financing, takeaway business category is shrinking, the closure of a large number of line takeaway factory……

grim situation makes this case eventually became a case for the future of the Internet entrepreneurs to provide valuable clinical experience.

useless noise is not a good word of mouth

Huang Taiji once entrepreneurs talk about, is the mouth of the insurgents in the industry, in fact, a lot of people through Huang Taiji in itself.

from the beginning of the Baidu house, the boss is the boss Mercedes send pancakes, beauty boss, and offbeat store design, to ease the dining founder Huang Taiji "is similar to a controversial theory of God is good is not important, it is important for people to do things I didn’t do that," up to "should do", such as brand and user experience. Huang Taiji has been making sound.

in Huang Taiji in addition to eat, what are the value to the sun, in addition to eat, what are the topic. Huang Taiji’s entrepreneurial process has always been inseparable from a word: "marketing".

so when people talk about the Huang Taiji said is not food, tastes like "popular literature or art" thing, "but hold the mentality of adventure to the crowd of Huang Taiji beyond all expectations".

entrepreneurial team nor the development into the focus on product (taste, ingredients, but progress) enjoying the focus to make their brand more exposure in the social platform, and strive to continue their own voice.

is one of the most terrible details: it is said that the official micro-blog Huang will pull black every one said the pancake is not good to eat, because they do not care about other people’s taste evaluation.


looks dazzling tactics help enough to get a lot of traffic them within a short time, favored by investors, but also to today’s situation foreshadowed: Huang Taiji all sounds good imagination into "brand reputation", but he ignored the people most in need of "product reputation".

continuous venture is a logical trap

There is a boxing

martial arts world, called seven injuries boxing. There are seven different strands of strength one, or just fierce, or feminine, or just have just soft or soft, or cross, or direct or retracted, the enemy can not resist the flow strength, will by internal injuries, powerful, free to see in the novel master of Shaolin is the seven injuries boxing shoot.

but seven injuries boxing is not the ordinary people can practice, if not to the realm of internal heat, it will bring great harm to themselves. So the boxing in the martial arts world, only belong to.

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