Phoenix nest professional version will take over Baidu search promotion system

October 27th news, Baidu today announced that since the beginning of December 1, 2009, Baidu search promotion professional edition will be the only search for the promotion of Baidu products, the overall management of the promotion of the promotion of all promotion positions. This means that some time ago Baidu search to promote the success of the promotion of professional platform, Baidu management to great confidence.

it is understood that Baidu search promotion professional edition is also known as phoenix nest system. Since April 20th this year on the line, "phoenix nest" because it has more and more management promotion Keywords, more powerful, more sophisticated management features, won the majority of customers is highly recognized in half the time, more than 70% customers take the initiative to complete from the Baidu search promotion version of the classic "migration to Phoenix the nest". Many of Baidu’s corporate clients have said that although the classic version solves the "precision" of the problem, but the requirements for the enterprise search marketing has become increasingly high, "phoenix nest" advocated by the management, optimize the comprehensive marketing system to pursue a better promotion effect for the enterprise more attractive".

phoenix nest success, also can be confirmed this morning from Baidu has just released third quarter earnings report: Baidu’s latest results, Baidu’s total revenue for the third quarter of 1 billion 278 million 700 thousand yuan, an increase of 39.1%; the third quarter net profit of 492 million 900 thousand yuan, an increase of 41.7%.

at present, "phoenix nest" has been familiar with enterprise customers and favor, however, at the same time to maintain the search popularizes professional version and the version of the classic two platforms, the maintenance cost of enterprises increased to a certain extent, continuous improvement is not conducive to the promotion of efficiency. Baidu management believes that now is the right time, so phoenix nest a comprehensive replacement of the original version of the classic search promotion platform.


is in the majority of small and medium-sized customers and demand driven, Baidu flow, to make this important decision." Baidu vice president of business operations Shen Haoyu said, Baidu has been committed to providing the most able to meet customer demand for extension services, for the majority of enterprises at the same time, Baidu adhere to lead with advanced technology and marketing ideas and to promote the marketing reform and upgrading. The professional version of the full version of the classic is over, Baidu once again meet rising customer demand, also shows that Baidu to their technical ability and innovative marketing concept of confidence, through all of Phoenix Nest promotion position over, Baidu will once again lead and promote the change of marketing, to provide new impetus for the development of enterprises the.

industry insiders believe that the "phoenix nest" era coming round, Baidu is not only a commercial product system is a sign of maturity, is also a major step search engine marketing process, which will greatly enhance the soft power of the China enterprise marketing. In the context of the financial crisis, Baidu comprehensive business in the field of commercial promotion, and promotion, Baidu pictures, web promotion statistics and serialization of products and services, to provide the most powerful support for the enterprise to realize the rapid development of the market.

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