Google Adwords sued Baidu see malicious Click

in the evening to see the mail in Gmail, inadvertently found the right side of the Google Adwords ad in charge of Baidu malicious click ads.


but the focus in this paper is Google Adwords have the right to display the "Baidu" brand trademark and the connotative vocabulary (has not been found out whether Baidu has the "Baidu" trademark), Google display this kind of advertising is unfair competition?

I have little talent and less learning friends can come to understand the law, comments on it.


below is a description of the use of trademarks in Google Adwords:


empowers you in advertising in the series to use the trademark
if we receive a trademark or processing of complaints, is trying to use the trademark in the trademark owner’s country / region and industry of advertisers, we will refuse to register their keywords and / or advertising text. For the United States and Canada advertising, we will refuse to use the trademark board advertising; for outside the United States and Canada regions, we may appear in the form of keywords disapproved of the trademark or the use of the trademark advertising text, or at the same time to reach two, depending on the requirements of the trademark owner.

if the advertiser has banned trademark and trademark owners do not agree with the exclusive right to claim, or believe that they will have the right to use the trademark, we recommend that the advertiser directly linked to the trademark owner and apply for permission to use the trademark. Only in the case of the owner’s authorization to the Google, the advertiser can use the corresponding trademark in its advertising series. Please note that the owner may change or revoke the license at any time. (commissioning editor admin01)

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