Chicken and egg On the one to one diseconomies of scale

chicken eggs, or egg? The non scientific but logical problems in the field of education, "one to one" the model stage, this industry debate, is the parents of "one to one" just gave birth to the market, or educational institutions will be the diseconomies of scale model

in the end?

December 9th, purple science because the value of 5 billion 500 million yuan before the termination of the proposed fixed growth plan, which caused great concern. A paper announcement, stirred waves. Major education in the face of K12 in order to personalized one to one intelligent tutoring industry. 2015 operating income of 2 billion 283 million yuan, a loss of $29 million in 2016 revenue is expected to grow to $2 billion 548 million, net profit of up to 77 million. Financial data show that in 2014 and in 2015, 85% of the total sales of science education, teaching and learning business contributed.

indeed, one on one counseling in this mode, the achievements of the 51talk the stocks of listed companies, but also the violet science model to achieve the ultimate company, at the same time, Longwen education training institutions. And so on the scale and sought after by the capital market are the main one to one format.


began in 2015, New Oriental online COO pan Xin and other industry experts "one on one counseling life and death", "one is the typical economy of scale" question aroused discussion, in 2016 after a line of favored capital, this discussion again upgrade.

one to one teaching, commonly known as VIP, is one of the most expensive training models in the education and training industry. Some industry experts believe that the study of the business model of a large investment in teacher resources, the gross profit margin is relatively low, one to one is the ceiling mode. However, in recent years, has been widely accepted and pursued by the related concept, a personalized education industry blowout, various size and quality of different "one-on-one education institutions" such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain have launched one mode, so how to develop


traditional line one on one "dilemma"

in recent years, a number of views on one-to-one counseling, which is in line with the psychological needs of students and parents of the teaching model, training institutions to do is how to meet this demand. Another view is that, in order to meet the psychological needs of buyers, but also to consider the real teaching problems, its cost and gross margin, etc..

No matter how the commander in

, we first look at the pattern of the present situation.

relative to large classes "show" teaching, a teaching is a two-way communication "teaching. Students can from the input into the "input output correction" learning chain, to help master absorption, teacher also can at any time to track education intimate to students, teachers and students can in addition of multidimensional inquiry. At present, one to one mode is the traditional one to one and one to one or two online mode.

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