Foshan delicacy Wo Wo Group group purchase accounted for nearly half of the local station handle mor

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from the beginning of the end of 2010, a number of well-known group buying sites have stationed in Foshan. This year, Foshan group purchase report? Yesterday, issued by a group purchase website of Foshan group purchase market 1~10 month group purchase report, 2011 1~10 month, Foshan local group purchase turnover, up to 50 million 290 thousand yuan. However, the lively behind, but also caused by excessive competition in group purchase website "legacy" – currently Foshan most of the group purchase websites are downsizing, handle network (micro-blog), Wo Wo Group original number is about 70 people, now only 20~30 scale; Gaopeng (micro-blog) FoShan Railway Station staff can withdraw all removed. Only about 10 of the sales staff to run the business in the local, also part of the "zombie" phenomenon (that is, do not update the group purchase information).

some people describe the competition between the group buying site, like a phone call, not you hang up, I hang up". Now behind the Foshan hot group purchase industry worries, is the market capacity is limited due to the meager profits, or lead to disorderly competition Yiyongershang? In this winter, group purchase market also felt a chill.


data show that 1~10 month Foshan people buy over 50 million of which food buy spend 22 million 720 thousand


gourmet film KTV are popular king

with the popularity of the Internet and the public to form a habit of online shopping, group purchase website in 2011 about the past, become the general public’s favorite". From the wedding photography, beauty salons, fitness services to food, small appliances, etc., buy a part of the public has become part of the consumer. Handle network, the U.S. group, Wo Wo Group, 58 city, 24 tickets, and other sites have vied for Foshan gaopeng.

according to the number of reports, 1~10 months, Foshan all buy site turnover reached 50 million 290 thousand yuan. 7, 8, September monthly turnover of between ~850 million in, while the first breakthrough in the tens of millions in October, reaching 10 million 180 thousand, for the first time to enter the monthly sales of ten million yuan club, the list of the national urban turnover ranked twenty-ninth. October Foshan group to buy the average market price of 121.9 yuan, with an average discount of $64% off, customer price of $54.9.

now prefer to buy more than 20~30 years old young people, they love to buy what? From the monthly turnover analysis, food, movies become the mainstream of the public favorite.

chowhound over 20 million

group purchase

in the past 10 months, Foshan all kinds of buy items touted, which is a hot selling class single market.

in the past 10 months, chowhound about 22 million 720 thousand yuan to the group purchase delicacy, accounting for about 45% of the total; followed by the leisure and entertainment, including movies, K>

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