Spring Festival holiday warning virus Trojan scalpers

"suddenly like night of Spring Festival comes, the snow ten days." The Spring Festival just quietly come, but bad weather, a rare University made home wandering heart was a touch of melancholy. But anyway, still hope home friends can also hope that all May you be safe throughout the journey., users of the network life is safe. Approaching the occasion of the Spring Festival, a variety of network threats increasingly restless, but also to prepare for their preparation on a sumptuous the dinner on New Year’s Eve.

one, the Internet also has scalpers

this year’s snow is unusual, booking work is also extremely difficult, those who want to use the advantages of online booking online friends to be careful. Because with the "hard to get a vote", many hackers have also found this huge "opportunities", the beginning of the implementation of fraud on the internet. Trend Micro has done a survey, the more the special festivals, the more the peak of the Internet fraud, especially in the purchase of such goods tickets easier to become a target of profit.


According to a survey by iAfrica,

, an Internet user with enough money, can buy ads from search engines, and then play cheap online advertising, waiting for unsuspecting customers to buy. When consumers are lured into order, they will be asked to enter their personal details, including bank card information. The next thing goes without saying that the crook of the phishing site hijacked a netizen. ZOL security channel to remind you: online booking is best to go to some of the larger sites. Do not covet cheap, too low price is often the best bait to trap you into the trap. Think now, this situation can buy tickets is a blessing, what cheap


recently released a Jiangmin security warning, an "online ticketing website train network" was hidden in the 28 virus, "more than one page train network" contains a malicious web page code. This malicious web page can use the video game hall, ourgame.com and other loopholes download trojan, steal online game player account number, password, a serious threat to the safety of users of digital property. The 28 Trojans automatically download most Trojan, theft target covering the current mainstream network game.

Virus warning issued by the Kingsoft Corp and

had also pointed out that the recent rise in temperature of the fastest network threats are: phishing sites, "" horse ", virus mail. And most traps around the theme of the ticket. In fact, as long as we remember not to disclose any personal information, especially bank card information, you can avoid most of the crooks.

two, beware of online games Trojan

Spring Festival holiday, many friends have chosen online games to pass the time. And the Trojan horse that is aimed at network game is the time that prepares for tense. Along with the network game participants increased, Trojan trick is more and more advanced.

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