Since September part of the phone will not limit the real name of the communication can not take

September part of the phone will not restrict the real name of the communication: can not take

[TechWeb] September 1st September 1st news reports, in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the Ministry of industry and the three operators, a new mobile phone card users are required to produce identity documents at the time of purchase, verification and registration information. Not the real name registration customers must complete registration system before September 1st, if not registered, will stop in batches.

three operators in an interview, said that because of the huge amount of users, to remind the real name registration will be staged, staged. Moreover, the user of "stop" is the ultimate big move, stop before and SMS reminders, limited communication means. Then, if you really want to stop, it will remind the user in advance.

Guangzhou Mobile said that in September 1st will begin to make a more serious reminder of the real name registration users, that limits the communication services. In other words, the user’s cell phone to answer the phone and receive text messages, but can not make a phone call or send text messages.

It is reported that

, the reminder is not aimed at all without a real user, according to the Guangzhou Mobile’s announcement, "the group fails to notify the customer as the real name registration, will be limited to communication services, affect your normal use of mobile phone". "The notification batch" refers to the requirements of users in the "Notice of registration" before August 31st. Has not received the notice of the usual user communication.

Beijing Mobile said, temporarily does not stop to real customers, users are advised to avoid the operating room for the peak, while providing a variety of real name system for self-service way for users, such as WeChat, the public can register.

it is understood that the current operators still leave the buffer time for people to handle, a staff member said the operator, if it fails to be shut down, the follow-up to go through a bit of trouble. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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