Qingdao man rented U S server biography yellow was sentenced to 10 years

Xinhua news agency, February 17 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) reporters before the date from the national anti pornography office was informed that, in the fight against Internet and mobile phone media dissemination of pornographic information special action to achieve significant results, the relevant departments continue to increase efforts to combat Internet pornographic information, adhere to the "landing check" to be pornographic websites outside the server transfer to the territory of the establishment of maintenance personnel shall be punished. Qingdao City days before cracked through the Internet dissemination of pornographic materials case, principal Sheng Jiarong was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

at the beginning of 2011, the Qingdao municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement bureau in conjunction with relevant departments of the city’s Internet site to conduct a comprehensive inspection, through the online search found a pornographic website "tom3658 beautiful community", a large number of pornographic videos, pictures. Pornography Office attaches great importance to set up a task force composed of law enforcement, public security, culture, communication management and other departments of the investigation work. Based on the careful Mopai, investigators in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, bureau of criminal suspects arrested Sheng Jiarong.

investigation, Sheng Jiarong Sifang District of Qingdao city in its temporary office, the use of the Internet for establishing the "tom3658 aesthetic community" website of the American server, by adding advertising, advertising information link to their website the profit. In order to improve the site, increase advertising revenue, since the fourth quarter of 2010 Sheng Jiarong from other sites to collect pornographic information reproduced to create your own website, and the website set up "pictures" and "novel" and "film" three plates, released a large number of pornographic pictures, articles and video files amounted to hundreds of times.

was identified by the site released 703 pictures, electronic novels of the 9111, video and video files of the Department of pornographic items 99. Recently, the Qingdao Sifang District People’s court in order to spread the crime of obscene profits sentenced Sheng Jiarong to 10 years in prison and fined $20 thousand.

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