Hot trading platform for the domain name trading market need specification sold for $200 thousand, domain name for $1 million 250 thousand; D.cn200 million and Porn (main adult porn).Com is to create a high price of $9 million 500 thousand, the most classic is Google million acquisition of G..Cn. Open the domain name related websites can see such news reports, often broke the news of the success of the domain name transaction. The domain name market unusually hot, brought a rare opportunity for the development of service providers, but also puts forward higher requirements for the domain name trading platform, but to trade as the theme of the website domain name  it can provide what the Internet?

It is reported that the domain name is

  business on the Internet with only the address marked their house number, is the enterprise network brand, generally follow the "first note first", and a domain name is the cost of a year, but tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, but once transferred into power trading, may get hundreds of times, thousands of times or even thousands of times the profit. Domain name investment has thus become the following speculation stocks, real estate, after the launch of another emerging investment fund industry.

  domain name trading market is very hot, according to domain name professional trading platform "time domain understanding, trading volume has been rising steadily, over a period of time will have a new breakthrough. On the other hand, we have encountered the problem of non-standard transactions. It is understood that a lot of domain name investors are generally in private transactions, and then change the domain name owner information. Insiders said that the private domain of the transaction does not have legal protection, the risk is large, once the criminals encountered fraud, investors may therefore suffer property damage.

  experts suggest that the domain name transactions should be conducted in the formal domain name trading sites, so as not to be deceived. A formal platform for the operation of the domain name specification, professional services, can provide domain name transfer, transfer of registration and other ancillary business, not only to facilitate the domain name investors and buyers, but also more secure. At present, many domestic domain name investment trading site, but the transaction is concentrated in a few good reputation, large scale website, the era of the Internet’s CNNIC page recommendation under the name space as long as can be registered as a member of the domain name CN, has attracted the attention of the industry.

  investment domain name has been involved since the earliest international domain name open, there is no doubt that the domain name investment is a positive investment behavior. In China, if we can have the corresponding laws and regulations as well as the formal trading platform to regulate, I believe that China’s domain name trade will be healthy development.

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