Google browser pause Flash ads HTML5 spring is coming

according to domestic media reports, Google’s Chrome browser will begin to stop playing these Flash technologies using online advertising. This may cause advertisers to abandon this video format.

over the past 20 years, Flash provides support for the vast majority of online banner advertising and video advertising. But Google said that this format delays the page loading speed, consuming device power, and usually affect the user experience.

so Google decided to suspend the Flash ad in the default settings in its own Chrome browser. Pause means that only the user clicks, these ads will play.

Google recommends advertisers to replace Flash with HTML5 technology. The former can run on many devices, and can provide similar functions, but the efficiency is higher.

Google to provide marketers with HTML5 advertising production tools, but also provides a Flash ad can be converted to HTML5 advertising tools. However, other ad networks and technology providers may have to adjust their products to ensure that their own ads will be sold by the user’s browser loaded.

In fact,

is not only a Google, Amazon announced Thursday, from the beginning of September 1st, the company’s network (including portal) all the ads will no longer use Flash again, a heavy blow to the old network technology. Amazon said in a statement: "this change to ensure that customers can continue to obtain positive and consistent experience in the Amazon and its Affiliated Companies services, display all kinds of website function also can obtain the optimal performance."

why pause?

There are two reasons for


1 is Adobe has not done flash. 2 is too many Flash security vulnerabilities, leading to Chrome is not safe, Google can only be forced to give up support.

cited TNW Chinese station as saying that the Flash technology in the past few years has been criticized by the outside world, its low operating performance, but also full of security vulnerabilities. This technique is already dead.

media commented that Google’s move seems to be a nail on the coffin of Flash nail.

although the mainstream Internet video advertising or Flash. But the future of Flash advertising will be slowly replaced by H5.

why is H5?

is simply using HTML5 technology to realize the form of advertising, last week just once "Wu Yifan" will be enlisting is realized by the HTML5 technology, at present, H5 advertising applications more is the field of mobile terminal, part of the reason is the flash on the mobile side almost no influence, H5 is almost occupied.

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