The scale of the tourism industry website is approaching 50 thousand

in the first half of 2009, the construction speed of China’s tourism industry site did not show signs of decline with the impact of the global economic crisis. According to the latest statistics according to the well-known independent third party data analysis service provider CNZZ, the first half of 2009, the number of sites tourism industry increased from 37395 in January to 49264 in June, growth of 31.74%, this rate is not less than the growth rate of other popular industry website.

can be seen from the survey, in the tourism site, providing a variety of travel information and services of the number of integrated tourism website. And the growth of the number of regional tourism sites is relatively fast. CNZZ said that, like other industries, more and more tourism industry website has been established, more and more people through the network to understand the tourism related information and online travel products.

it is understood that, at present, along with the electronic commerce and tourism combined with the increasingly close global tourism, the rapid development of electronic commerce, trading in recent years has maintained a rapid growth, in this background, more and more tourism industry website with online payment function, which makes more tourism sites have the ability to direct profit in providing travel information at the same time, like Ctrip, eLong Travel Agency website net annual income of up to several hundred million yuan, the travel agency in the enterprise online orders total orders proportion also continuously improve.

community function which swept the entire Internet in the tourism website also has a rapid development. After the tour, people like to share their travel experience, which allows users to provide a platform for the exchange of travel sites can bring a large number of users, so with the proportion of community tourism sites are also increasing.

and CNZZ statistics also show that the number of users compared to domestic, overseas visitors account for a small proportion, the China that international tourism power is not a pity, but it also means that the domestic tourism industry website in expanding overseas visibility, increase overseas business, to attract foreign tourists. There are a lot of room for improvement.

experts said that with the growing popularity of the concept of online payment, online travel products have also increased the proportion of visitors. Tourism website should seize this opportunity to improve the quality of tourism products, improve the online payment function of their own website, to facilitate users to conduct online transactions, seize the initiative in the online travel market, to achieve their own development. But at present there is no such type of community service for foreign tourists, which may become a new growth point of the next tourism industry. Chinese commercial news reporter Jin li.

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